DIY drain cleaner!

DIY drain cleaner!

Stop using harsh chemicals to clean your slow-moving drains! I found a recipe for an all natural way to clean out your drains using only salt and baking soda! I tried it out last night and it worked great!

Our drain had been moving slow for quite some time. The drain would work just fine, but too much water coming down too fast would slow down the drain tremendously and was just annoying. Now, the water flows down great with no hesitation!

The recipe called for 1/2 cup of salt and 1 cup of baking soda, however, that amount would NOT fit down my drain. The 1/2 cup of salt filled the drain all the way to the top and then some!

So, I monitored and adjusted. I poured a little bit of salt down the drain, just enough to coat the sides and NOT to fill the drain. After that, I poured a healthy amount of baking soda down the drain, coating the sides and filling the drain just a bit.

Leave this mixture to sit in the drain overnight if you can. Don’t use the drain for anything during that time. In the morning, boil about a liter of water and pour the boiling water down the drain. You will be able to see and hear the reaction as the boiling water works its way through the mixture in the sink and clears everything down!

It works wonders!

Have a VERY blessed day! πŸ™‚

Happy MLK day!


3 thoughts on “DIY drain cleaner!

    1. Yeah it worked pretty well on my bathroom sink! The only thing is that I think I had to help it drain a little bit once or twice using a stick of some sort. Haha but it really did help and that was like a month ago and the drain still drains just fine! It hasn’t clogged back up again like it normally does! πŸ™‚

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